"Silver Anniversary"

Mixed Media 
h.55 x w.86 x dp.5 Inches 
(Price on request)


Created especially for the Selectively Seeking Silver, STAC's 25th Anniversary Exhibition.
  My nine part painting cuts three ways. The first set of three pieces is minimalist white on white with black lines. These lines define the bare essence of all my work to date. Think of this set of three as the DNA structure from which the painting develops 
The second set of three pieces -- the same in design and structure -- has vibrant colors for an in depth feel. The painting now has more physical mass. 
And the third set is mostly silver. The silver tones tie up to the first set because now you have gray color scale and limited use of color, but again the same structure. 
So there is a closed circle among the three parts. In the center is all the color. Off on the sides are the naked structure on one side and the silver tone rendering on the other. Both Smithtown and I are in the mature stage of our work. Therefore my piece is titled Silver Anniversary. It is an honor to share in Smithtown Arts' Silver Anniversary.  
Title elucidates the elemental aspects of this nine part piece. As with all of the natural world, stasis is merely illusory.   

Provenance: New York, NY,  1997  

Exhibit History:  

  • 2002 Art Studio, 19 Henry Street, Kingston NY

  • 2001 STUDIO 4 WEST, Art Gallery, 4 Round House Road, Piermont, NY, 10968, Title of the Exhibition: Thoughts of Progress. Exhibition is on view from August 24th through September 2nd

  • 2001 INFRAMUNDO GALLERY, 106 Spring Street, #6S, New York, NY, Title of the Exhibition: Crystallized Dreams. Exhibition opened on May 3rd through June 28th

  • 1998 The Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia, The 34th Irene Leache Memorial Exhibition, CURATOR,  Carolina Ponce De Leon 

  • 1998 The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH, 62nd Annual National Midyear Exhibition.

  • 1997 Steamboat Springs Art Council, Steamboat Springs, CO, Summer Works Fine Arts Show. (Best in Show)

  • 1997 Smithtown Township Arts Council, St. James, NY Selectively Seeking Silver, STAC's


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